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So you want to work on your own project idea!! That’s a great step, but apart from your passion to working on the project idea, every project needs two important things, first, necessary knowledge to execute the project and second, a good mentor. LearnCAx offers many learning options to acquire necessary knowledge to execute the project. LearnCAx also has a pool of mentors who has expertise in wide range of industrial sectors.

Every project has different challenges and requires specific domain expertise. LearnCAx has team of mentors. Every mentor has expertise in CFD and large work experience in executing industrial projects. They have developed domain experts in specific domain by executing industrial project in the domain for more than 5 years. When you enroll for LearnCAx mentor program, you get a dedicated mentor. Mentor is decided based on the project definition and required expertise. Following are the few responsibilities of LearnCAx mentor: 

  • To check if your project is feasible using CFD or not 
  • To design the learning path for you which will include required courses and domain knowledge
  • Guide you to break the project into intermediate stages 
  • Guide you to make required assumptions and simplify the problem 
  • Guide you during their learning phase 
  • Guide you during the project execution phase
  • Review your project work at regular intervals and provide feedback and guidance
  • Review the project report and provide project certification 


Working Steps

Following is the way LearnCAx mentor program works for such projects:


STEP 1: Send a query with project details

First step is to send a query with details about the project you want to work on. The project might be general ideas you want to work on, or might be final CFD problem definitions. Send us a query with all the project details available with you. Also try to include the available timeline with you to finish the project.

Send a Query


STEP 2: Project evaluation by LearnCAx mentor

Based on the details provided by you, LearnCAx mentor team will assigns a mentor for project. During this stage, mentor will evaluate your project for its complexity, required learning to execute the project. Mentor will also evaluate available timeline and will suggest required simplifications/approach to you. Mentor will send you a proposal with all the details including required learning and possibility of doing the project in given timeline.


STEP 3: Acceptance of proposal by you

With rounds of discussion with mentor, you and mentor will finalize the project definition. This is then accepted by you and mentor. Mentor will provide details about associated mentor program fees. You will then enroll for the mentor program by paying necessary project mentoring fees. The project fee is mainly for associated learning and fee for LearnCAx mentor.


STEP 4: Learning, project execution and guidance by LearnCAx mentor

The first stage in project execution is to learn necessary skill sets asked by LearnCAx mentor. This will include LearnCAx courses recommended by mentor and acquiring other project’s domain specific knowledge. Mentor will provide necessary guidance during learning. Once the required skill sets are acquired by you, you will start project work. LearnCAx mentor will provide all necessary guidance for project execution.


STEP 5: Project Review by Review Committee

LearnCAx has associated with Centre for Computational Technology (CCTech) for project mentor program. CCTech’s consultancy division offers design, analysis and optimization services for various industries and successfully completed more than 100 projects. With its quality of work and capability of handling challenging project, CFD consultancy division is one of the preferred choices for many industries.

Through LearnCAx-CCTech association, every academic project done through LearnCAx’s mentor program will get reviewed and graded by CCTech’s consultancy division. Once the project is completed by you, a project review committee will be formed. This review committee will have selected CCTech’s engineers and LearnCAx mentor on the board.

Once the project is completed, you will submit the project report to review committee. After review, required modifications, suggestions, or acceptance will be communicated to you. A project is then closed with final presentation by you to a review panel.


STEP 6: Project acceptance and certification

After final presentation and successful completion of the project, review panel will do grading of the project work. LearnCAx will then issue a project completion certificate with appropriate grading to you.


STEP 7: Project acceptance and certification

After final presentation and successful completion of the project, review panel does grading of the project work. Company issues a project completion certificate with appropriate grading to student.


Enroll for LearnCAx Mentor Program

The first step to enroll for mentor program is sharing the project idea you want to work on. Send us your project details including the project title, brief description about the project and available timeline to complete the project. LearnCAx mentor team will look at your details and contact you for further discussions and steps. Include all your contact details in the query and mention “LearnCAx Mentor Program” as subject line for the message.

Send a Query

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