Role of CFD in Engineering Design

CFD which is defined as ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’ has become an important method to numerically analyse and visualize fluid flow and heat transfer using computer based simulations. It started as a highly specific academic research field and has now grown into a common simulation tool to perform industrial and academic design studies. CFD tools are used hand in hand with experimental methods and reduce product design and development duration to a great extent. They have given rise to what is referred to as ‘numerical experiments for design’ where we can virtually see the effects of various design changes and then zero in on the final prototype design in order to perform experiments.

We are not far from an era where every design student or professional design engineer will have a CFD tool on his desktop to quickly answer ‘What If ? ’ design questions. Thus it has become extremely important for fresh engineers and academic students to get exposure to various CFD techniques and tools in order to maximise their design and engineering capabilities. In this webinar we will try to answer whatever questions you may have about CFD and its usage in design industry. This webinar is designed in such a way that it will serve as a first introduction to the field of CFD for those individuals who are new to CFD and would like to know more about it.

Webinar Content :

  1. What is CFD?
  2. What happens inside CFD tools?
  3. Where is CFD used in Design cycles?
  4. How much has CFD penetrated engineering design and research?
  5. Which industries currently use CFD and which are still new to CFD analysis?
  6. Steps involved in CFD analysis using sample design case simulation. 
  7. CFD software and CFD market.
  8. What should a fresh engineer expect from CFD field and what he should learn in order to get into CFD analysis?
  9. What are training opportunities and how can LearnCAx help you.

Watch Webinar Recording :

The webinar was conducted on 19 June 2012. Below is the webinar recording for those who missed the webinar.

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