FREE Webinar : Application of CFD for Electronic Thermal Management

Simulations have become an integral part of the product design process within electronic industry. Thermal management has always been a concern within any electronic assembly as electronic components dissipate heat. But with ever reducing size of electronic products and increased need to accommodate higher power, thermal management is now one of the key tasks of any design engineer dealing with electronic product design.

In order to develop highly efficient products along with superior thermal performance, simulation is utilized as a smart tool to optimize a design. CFD simulation is used within the electronic industry to predict air flow and heat transfer at system level as well as competent level. Usage of CFD simulation within the product development cycle results in efficient design and greater innovation within shorter product development time.

This webinar will introduce you to application of CFD within the electronic industry. It will highlight areas within electronic product design, where CFD simulations are being increasingly applied for studying thermal performance. Using a demonstration simulation, we will show how CFD is applied for ensuring product thermal management within electronic industry.

A typical cabinet cooling CFD simulation

Webinar topics :

  1. What is CFD?
  2. Thermal management of electronic products
  3. Role of simulations within electronic industry
  4. How does simulation help for studying thermal performance of electronic products?
  5. CFD applied at system, board and component level
  6. CFD Simulation for thermal analysis of electronic cabinet
  7. Software tools for thermal simulation of electronic products

Watch Webinar Recording :

The webinar was conducted on 19 March 2013. Below is the webinar recording for those who missed the webinar.

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