CAD Repair for CFD Simulation

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26 November

Are you a CFD engineer? Have you ever faced trouble doing meshing because of CAD issues like complexity in CAD model and CAD data loss while importing CAD geometry in CFD tools? Do you want to know how to do CAD repair and how to get geometry ready for analysis? Its necessity, process and how to do CAD-Repair? Being a CFD analyst do you want to know how to extract CFD domain and how to simplify the task of creating good quality mesh that is required for CFD analysis?

If these are some of the questions in your mind then learning how to do CAD Clean repair and good practices for dealing with dirty geometry is of prime importance in your journey as a CFD engineer.

What is CAD-Repair ?

Preparing CAD geometry for a CFD simulation is nothing but a CAD-Repair. It is technique of dealing with dirty geometry by doing modification and simplification of CAD geometry

Need for CAD-Repair ?

Great CFD results require a good mesh, and you can’t generate a mesh without the right geometry/domain. A CFD engineer needs CAD-Cleanup because of following reasons.

  • Extract Domain for Analysis
  • Water Tight Geometry to generate Mesh
  • Approximate Geometry for the ease of meshing, without affecting flow physics
  • Simplify complex geometry into the appropriate granularity for your model

This webinar will discuss the most common CAD problems, how to fix them and preparing CAD geometry for grid generation. Also you will be provided with an advice on how to avoid geometry issues that can affect the process of CFD Analysis. At the end of the webinar, there will be a small demo on repairing a CAD Model using the pre-processing software, ANSYS ICEM CFD.

Webinar Content :

  • What is CAD-Repair? Need for CAD-Repair?
  • Steps involved in CAD-Repair
  • CAD-Repair for Internal and External flows
  • Tips to handle complex CAD geometries
  • Efficient way of doing CAD-Repair

Watch Webinar Recording :

The webinar was conducted on 26 November 2013. Below is the webinar recording for those who missed the webinar.

Access : FREE (Using LearnCAx Account)

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+2 trushna 2014-11-05 17:31
Very informative Webinar..Thank you
+1 Vijay Mali 2014-11-07 11:30
Quoting trushna:
Very informative Webinar..Thank you

Thanks Trushna. Glad to know that you had some learning for it !!
0 arpan das 2016-02-10 19:58
can not access the webinar..the link is not working..please fix it.
0 Abhishek Sharma 2016-09-03 19:20
Sir, the seminar is not playing, might have been removed.
+1 Vijay Mali 2016-12-27 15:53
Quoting Abhishek Sharma:
Sir, the seminar is not playing, might have been removed.

Hi Abhishek,

Its working now. Please login with your LearnCAx login credentials to view the webinar.

+1 Vijay Mali 2016-12-27 15:55
Quoting arpan das:
can not access the webinar..the link is not working..please fix it.

Its working now.

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