An Insight into Meshing for CFD Simulations

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20 December

Meshing is a very critical part within the CFD simulation process. Meshing process dictates the simulation time as well as accuracy. Using a highly accurate solver on a very coarse and poor quality mesh, will lead to non-physical or highly inaccurate simulation results. Hence meshing skills, capability and a strong meshing tool are as much of interest as the solver capabilities. Meshing process is a tricky business, during which the user has to maintain sufficiently accurate mesh density as well as ensure that the mesh count is not impractically high.

To achieve this, there are various aspects of meshing that the user should be familiar with. This particular introductory webinar will provide an insight into critical aspects of CFD meshing like different meshing methods, mesh size and type control, global and local mesh sizing, different meshing options available in commercial meshing tool Ansys ICEM CFD along with a fundamental understanding of CFD meshing process. The webinar will include sufficient introductory knowledge of CFD meshing process using discussions over fundamental concepts along with software demonstrations.

Webinar Content :

  • What is pre-processing or meshing within the CFD process?
  • What are cells and control volumes?
  • How is a CFD mesh prepared?
  • What is geometry clean-up?
  • What is Ansys ICEM-CFD?
  • How to control mesh size and density? 
  • What is mesh quality? 
  • How to visualize a CFD mesh? 
  • Meshing demonstration using Ansys ICEM CFD

Watch Webinar Recording :

The webinar was conducted on 20 December 2012. Below is the webinar recording for those who missed the webinar.

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