Application of CFD for Development, Analysis & Optimization of Heat Exchangers

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10 September

Heat Exchangers have always been critical devices in industries ranging from thermal power plants, chemical process industry and recently among heat recovery equipment. In their efforts to utilize every BTU of available heat energy, product design engineers aim to develop the most efficient heat exchanger designs. Different type of heat exchangers exists in industry ranging from shell and tube, plate heat exchanger to direct contact heat exchanger.

Selection, design and development of heat exchanger along with troubleshooting of heat exchanger operation is an area where considerable amount of engineering resources are engaged in order to maximize the efficiency of operating plants and process. When it comes to heat exchanger design methodologies the traditional methods like LMTD and Effectiveness-NTU have now been overtaken by simulation based design process. CFD based heat exchanger design and analysis is a quick method to develop heat exchanger design for industry. The biggest advantage CFD provides is in optimization of heat exchanger designs using only simulation approach. In the current tough and competitive economy CFD is the “go to” technology when it comes to heat exchanger equipment design and selection. The cost and time to produce a new design as well as optimize it is considerably reduced using CFD as compared to only experimental approach. Popular commercial CFD software even provide customized simulation modules for standard heat exchanger design, which brings heat exchanger design and development right to the desktop of thermal engineers. In this particular webinar we will see how CFD can be used to design heat exchanger as well as the optimization process. We will review commonly used CFD methodology to design or simulate heat exchangers and also get introduced to standard heat exchanger module in popular commercial CFD software. A case study will also be presented showcasing usage of CFD as a tool to design heat exchangers.

Webinar Content :

  • Importance of Heat Exchanger within process and chemical industry
  • Working principle of Heat Exchangers
  • Overview of commonly used heat exchanger types
  • CFD as a tool for Heat Exchanger design
  • Application examples of CFD for heat exchangers
  • Over of customized Heat Exchanger modules in commercial CFD software
  • Case study showing design optimization of Heat Exchangers using CFD

Watch Webinar Recording :

The webinar was conducted on 10 September 2013. Below is the webinar recording for those who missed the webinar.

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