The main objective of this tutorial is to provide step by step guide to perform CFD analysis of unsteady flow using ANSYS FLUENT software. To conceptualize the idea of unsteady flow over a structure, in this tutorial we have considered flow of water over a square cylinder. One of the objective is to learn the process of solving unsteady flow past square cylinder, but the important objective is to understand vortex shedding created on an object. Once the technique is learned, you can apply same procedure for practical cases like flow over tall chimney, building structure, overhead power lines.

This tutorial is a well-known academic problem that one should solve while learning CFD. One of the objective is to learn the process of solving backward step problem, but the important objective is to understand standards of getting solution for such physics. This tutorial is based on CFD modeling software ANSYS FLUENT and will cover simulation steps and post processing required to solve steady state, turbulent flow over backward facing step.

Traditionally, the most time consuming part in complete CFD process is creating a good quality mesh. Considering the advancements in meshing techniques available in today’s meshing tools, lot of automation of meshing algorithm is done. The main bottleneck is making CAD geometry mesh ready or converting dirty CAD to clean mesh-able CAD. All meshing algorithms needs a water tight geometry (defined within the constraints of the tolerance considered by meshing software). Creating a clean watertight geometry from dirty CAD is sometimes challenging and in most of the cases very time consuming job.

In this tutorial we are going to learn about ‘Fluid Domain Extraction’ techniques using ANSYS ICEM CFD. We are going to learn two techniques, one the orthodox way and other the smart way.

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