This is a basic course for new developers to introduced Creo customization using VB API. Creo is flagship product of PTC and one of the leading CAD product of MCAD industry. Creo can be customized using VB, WebLink, Jlink and ProToolkit. First three interfaces are free of cost and made available to user along with main product. However Pro/Toolkit is substantially costly product however has highest number of API in C to customize Creo.

AutoCAD Electrical is a vertical application developed by Autodesk on the top of AutoCAD for electrical, electronics, and mechtronics industry.  AutoCAD Electrical provides with more than 2,000 schematic symbols. You can access list of symbols from this link on autodesk server  A simple, icon-menu-driven system for inserting electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and P&ID devices is provided, allowing user to quickly build standards-based control designs by simple pick and place.

Autodesk Inventor provides powerful API interface the access the model tessellation and visualization.  This blog series attempt to explain how to use Inventor C++ API to get a triangulated geometry from Autodesk Inventor model for downward processing. Assembly document, part document and sheet bodies are covered as model  geometry for tessellation. Tessellation data is stored along with feature information and BREP structure in CAD part and assembly file.

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