Course Launch : Geometry & Mesh Building Intelligent Toolkit (GAMBIT)

Geometry And Mesh Building Intelligent Toolkit commonly know as GAMBIT was one of the main pre processing tool of Fluent.In 2006 with the acquisition by ANSYS, things started to change. Initially ICEM CFD became main pre -processor for CFD simulation for ANSYS. With various acquisitions over the years ANSYS have acquired various products like GAMBIT, T-Grid, ICEM-CFD,

Each of these products were serving different set of customers and industry verticals. To resolve this chaos ANSYS started the process of assembling them in single product. ANSYS workbench with ANSYS Meshing told to be the "Final Solution" by ANSYS team. Time would tell where it heads.

In mean time CCTech had developed good training material on GAMBIT in 2006. There are still big companies like Cummins, GE who still use GAMBIT in there simulation process. Reasons are multifold. The key reason being the have developed best practices in meshing using GAMBIT as the platform and there human resource is trained in these tools. We decided to make GAMBIT training material available FREE of cost to all those interested. You have to have an account at and you get access to all the videos.

The GAMBIT software package is designed to help analysts and designers build and mesh models for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other scientific
applications. GAMBIT receives user input primarily by means of its graphical user interface (GUI). The GAMBIT GUI makes the basic steps of building and meshing a model simple and intuitive, yet it is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of modeling applications.

Go through following GAMBIT GUI introduction video to start your learning now.

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