Introduction to Turbulence and Turbulence Modeling

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15 May 25879 times

Understanding the turbulent behaviour of fluids is one of the most fascinating, forbidding & critical problems in all of classical physics. Turbulence is omnipresent, as most of the fluid flows are turbulent in nature right from the microscopic level at interior of biological cells to the macroscopic scales of the geophysical and astrophysical phenomena including planetary interiors, oceans and atmospheres that represent the dominant physics of turbulent fluid flows.

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CFD Modeling for Turbomachinery using MRF Model

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07 May 15031 times

Having already gone through our blog series of CFD modeling of turbomachinery, wherein we discussed about the CAD Repair and Grid Generation we shall now explore the different solver models available in a commercial software package. CFD modeling of flows within systems containing moving components (e.g. turbomachines) are performed by resorting to moving reference frames (MRF). There are a number of both generalized and specialized commercial softwares available that apply moving reference frames for both translating and rotating systems. MRF approach finds application in a wide range of systems like turbomachinery, mixing equipment, electric motors and generators, rotating passages & land and air vehicle motions. In the current blog we shall try to understand applying MRF model for turbomachinery explained with the help of a simple test case.

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Ten Rules for Student Project Selection

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01 May 6437 times

Any academic degree, let it be bachelors or masters, ends with a project work. The project work is one of the most critical parts of any academic degree. It is so important that it always decides what’s going to be next for the student. Let it be higher studies or industrial job, the whole career path (at least the starting point of that path) is based on the project work.

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Data Center Cooling Infrastructure

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26 April 13636 times

With the growing adoption to modern technology by means of smartphones, personal computers & tablets there has been increased demand for the data centre processing worldwide. For every handheld computing device attached to the cloud, a data center is processing the required information resulting in the growth of data centers and is expected to continue at the rate of 14% per year*. To meet to these challenge the data center designers and operators are struggling to have optimum designs that can conserve energy.

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No Meshing ! Its Meshless CFD

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23 April 13284 times

A most common complaint often cited by computational fluid dynamics practitioners is the generation of a good quality computational mesh and is estimated to be costing about 70% of the entire simulation cycle. Though much progress has been made in terms of algorithm accuracy and speed over the last three decades, generating grids step for complex, real world computations still remains the most time consuming and least reliable component of CFD simulation process. Meshless methods thus provide a viable alternative to grid-based flow computation as they are supposed to not require the conventional grid structure and thereby relieving the many issues specifically related to grid generation step. This blog shall provide you an introduction and update about the popular meshless methods available today.

No Meshing ! Its Meshless CFD - 5.0 out of 5 based on 23 votes

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