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What's new in CAE ?

December 11, 2013

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is fast becoming an essential ingredient in any engineering design process. Be it product modeling, process analysis or virtual prototype, CAE technology in various form appears throughout engineering industry. Most of the current engineering products and services are first vitalized on computer. CAE field as a technology is evolving and its application horizons constantly expanding.

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The Falling Droplet

November 12, 2013

We all have seen the rain drops falling on roof tops or road or car roofs, or water droplets falling from tap. When we usually see these phenomenons occur around us they happen within no time. We don’t even notice them. But if we look closely there are very complex physics involved in them. What if we could really slow down time and observe closely these phenomenon occurring? Like this video from Discovery Channel which shows a slow motion capture of a droplet falling into a liquid surface.

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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) when saw its development on the peak, was meant to merely validate simulations with the experimental results. But the recent trends have shown that confidence in CFD has grown and its use is on the rise to simulate physics problems which have very limited experimental data for its validation. Combustion is one such field where application of CFD and this recent trend has proved to be a boon.

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Are you new to CAE? Have you heard the acronym CFD? Did you want to know more about CFD? Its use, process and how to do CFD? Being a CFD analyst did you ever want to try out different, more powerful and user friendly CFD software for your project, research or analysis? If these are some of the questions in your mind then getting introduced to STAR CCM+ is the Next Step in CFD for you!

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A 6 weeks course with perfect blend of theory & software knowledge in order to understand fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics and develop skills using STAR-CCM+ software (free access). The course will introduce you to fundamentals of fluid mechanics and numerical methods and will progress towards detailed concepts of geometry creation and meshing using Star CCM+. It combines theoretical and software tool knowledge so that you can master the technique of CFD analysis using Star CCM+ software.

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