What's new in CAE ?

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is fast becoming an essential ingredient in any engineering design process. Be it product modeling, process analysis or virtual prototype, CAE technology in various form appears throughout engineering industry. Most of the current engineering products and services are first vitalized on computer. CAE field as a technology is evolving and its application horizons constantly expanding.

For an engineer working in this field or anyone who is curious about CAE, to keep track of this ever increasing research and innovation is difficult. Their are many software developers, product and service providers as well as open source innovators. Throughout the year, lot of new technology is developed and released for CAE users as well as new ideas and concepts keep on floating in this field.

  • How to know all of this latest and interesting technology that is coming up in CAE field ?
  • What if there was one central space which gave you all the news and information about latest technology and product innovation of the CAE field ?
  • What are the new features, new software and what are their different applications ?

LearnCAx has therefore started a new video blog series that will provide information to CAE users and enthusiasts about any new technology that is related to CAE field in a short video format. Regular episodes will be released, which will keep track of all the new innovations about CAE products and their applications.
So follow this blog to keep track of what's new in CAE.

Overview Video :

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