CCTech Launches LearnCAx

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02 May

On 1st May 2011, the 5th foundation day of Computational Technologies (CCTech-Pune) launched LearnCAx, their new venture in the field of online education. Having huge popularity for classroom training (CAD & CFD) for about 6 years, with this, CCTech now moved a step ahead in imparting and reaching knowledge to the global learners. 

The education would now reach to particularly the CAx community worldwide in the most cost effective way. The LearnCAx team comprises of tutors that are best in their domains i.e. CAD & CFD along with vast industrial experience in a variety of industries including aerospace, oil & gas, power, nuclear and sustainable energy. The software courses that would be available include a range from basic to advanced levels.


The Author


Dr. Ganesh is a leading researcher in computational engineering, sustainable energy and its application in process industry. He has done immence contribution in LearnCAx. Before he joined post-doctoral fellowship at IIT Delhi, he was the general manager at LearnCAx. He was instrumental in conceptualization, development and implementation of online education from CCTech for CAx professional. Ganesh has a number of publications both in international journal and conference proceedings. Before CCTech, he held the position of Associate Scientist in solar thermal division at Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute, Anand.

Ganesh holds Ph.D and M.Chem. Engineering from Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (formerly UDCT Mumbai).

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