FREE Webinar : How to Select your CFD Academic Project ?

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04 September
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Any academic degree, let it be bachelors or masters, ends with a project work. The project work is one of the most critical parts of any academic degree. It is so important that it always decides what’s going to be next for the student. Let it be higher studies or industrial job, the whole career path (at least the starting point of that path) is based on the project work. Listen to the webinar recording in which basic rules of CFD project selection are discussed. The webinar also contains aspects like CFD project complexity matrix, CFD learning curve and sample project ideas.

Webinar Conducted on : 8th October 2014
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Webinar Content and Theme:

Over about 8 years of my teaching and mentoring experience in CFD domain, I have noticed that there is a great lack of seriousness, planning and overall approach towards this most critical part of academics. Many of the students (not all of them fortunately) do not put required efforts for their academic projects and that’s the opportunity lost by them. Academic project is an opportunity for student to get ready for industrial jobs. It’s an opportunity to tell that yes, I am ready for facing industrial challenges!! Yes, I am the one you are looking for. So it’s simply most important opportunity lost if not done correctly.

So I thought of coming up with some rules which will provide some guidelines to students while deciding and working on the project. This comes from all my personal experience I got guiding and talking to many students over past 8 years.

I have already written a blog on this topic, but thought of having one to one discussion with you. This rules mentioned in this blog are general rules. In this webinar, we will focus on CFD academic projects and how these rules are applied during your CFD project selection. In this webinar we will discuss on what generally goes wrong and what preventive measures you can take. This is an opportunity for me to talk to you and for you to know why I have written those rules. If time permits, I am also planning to discuss few specific projects you have in mind.

The webinar would be divided into two sections; during the first section, we will discuss about 10 rules I have defined. Second section is more interactive session, where I will try to solve any question you have regarding these rules and regarding your projects.

Your Takeaway:

  • Good understanding about basic rules for your project selection
  • Understanding of how can you select a good CFD academic project
  • An opportunity to talk to expert about these rules and any project specific questions related to your CFD projects
  • Access to the webinar recording for your future reference
  • Attending first in the series of webinars focused on student project. We will have further webinars on "Student CFD Project" topic. So attending this webinar is necessary for further webinars.  

Webinar Recording:

This is the webinar recording for people who had not attended the webinar. If you have any question related to this webinar, or related to your CFD academic project, use the comment section given below. You can access the webinar recording and download the presentation using your LearnCAx account. Click here to login or create new account.

Presenter's Profile


Vijay is COO and Co-Founder of CCTech & LearnCAx. Vijay's major contribution in professional career is growing CCTech from team of two people to group of 30 technologists and now CCTech is a preferred partner to many engineering industries. At CCTech, Vijay look after business development for CFD division and a member of technical review committee.

Since beginning of Vijay's professional career, he has passion for education. At CCTech, he conceptualized a unique training program on CFD which was then taken by more than 500 students and most of them are now working as CFD analyst in industry. This program is now considered as benchmark for classroom training. The same passion caused birth of LearnCAx, an online education brand of CCTech. LearnCAx is first MOOC platform dedicated for CFD education.

Prior to CCTech, Vijay worked with ANSYS India (formerly Fluent India) in FloWizard development team. Vijay hold M.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay.

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+5 Vijay Mali 2014-09-27 14:02
We were facing issues in registration. All the issues are resolved now. This webinar scheduled on 24th September is postponed to 8th October. Those who have already registered, need not to do registration again.
+2 Vijay Mali 2014-10-13 19:57
Thanks for attending the webinar. I have uploaded the webinar presentation and recorded version of webinar for those who missed the webinar. Use this comment section to ask any question you have.

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