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QUESTION: Which course to choose

Which course to choose 3 years 6 days ago #1

I am doing my Doctoral and I have already had a CFD course at Masters and PhD level. But I want to know CFD that the commercial softwares use and I want to learn the softwares as such. Should I learn every software separately or Is there any course that combines all ?
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Which course to choose 3 years 5 days ago #2

  • Vijay Mali
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Hi Sindhu,

"Which software to learn" is really a difficult question to answer. That completely depends on your end goal. I mean, what is that you want to after learning the software ? Are you looking for job in industry? are you looking for using the software in your research ? Are you looking for using the software in your teaching ? Etc. There are many end goals and which software to learn depends on the end goal.

I have written a small guide about how to learn CFD ? This guide might give answers to some of your questions. I strongly suggest you to go through the "How to Learn CFD ? – The Beginner’s Guide".

About "Do you have any course combining all the software ?

We don't have any course like that. We have a course, which covers all the physics using ANSYS software. The course is "Intensive Training programme in CFD Analysis". This course starts with basic using of ANSYS FLUENT software and then covers advance topics like heat transfer, rotating machinery and multi-phase flow analysis. You will find the details of the course in course description and syllabus section of course page.

As I said before, think about your end goal and where you want to use your CFD software knowledge. That would give you some guidelines about what to learn. If you have any further question, I would be glad provide any guidance (whatever possible in my capacity :) ).

Vijay Mali
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