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QUESTION: Access to the software

Access to the software 2 years 10 months ago #1

Good Morning,

I am Vishnu Sreeram. I am currently looking for jobs in the field of Mechanical Engineering with bacground in Heat Transfer and CFD. I have good CFD experience using Flotherm and Flovent tool for Data center applications. But I really want to learn softwares like STAR-CCM+, Fluent and others as thats what most of the companies today ask for.

I am new here and I was wondering how to begin. I am planning to subscribe for the STAR-CCM+ course. My concern is how do I get access to the software to practice.

Your help will be much appreciated

Thank you,
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Access to the software 2 years 10 months ago #2

  • Vijay Mali
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Hi Vishnu,

There are two questions here.
  1. How to start learning CFD (or software aspect of CFD)
  2. How to get access to STAR CCM+ software.
I have written a guide to address the question "How to start learning CFD". I suggest you to go through (if you have not gone through it already) "How to Learn CFD ? – The Beginner’s Guide". This would give you some idea about where to start.

About "How to get access to STAR CCM+ software"

You can get a FREE copy of STAR CCM+ software for academic usages from CD-adapco. Visit "Use STAR-CCM+ at home with a FREE individual academic license"

There are few criteria needs to be satisfy for you to get the license. I am copying some text here just for reference. Please do visit above page for more details:

"The Global Academic Program provides FREE individual academic licenses directly to students for installation on their own personal laptop or home computer. These are full capability, no cell limit licenses - the very same as used by our commercial customers. All you need is an internet connection to access power with ease."

"To qualify, students must attend an academic institution with a valid academic package on-site. Receipt of an individual academic license is subject to approval under the Export Control regulations and is at the discretion of CD-adapco. Processing of requests will take at least two weeks. Please contact your local Account Manager or sales office with any questions."

Hope this helps you !! Let me know if you have any further question on this.

Vijay Mali
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