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How to Learn CFD ? – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Learn CFD ? – The Beginner’s Guide

Beginner in CFD journey has the first question in mind “How do I start learning CFD?” Because of the depth of subject and ocean of knowledge available online, there is high probability of getting lost in the learning journey and in many cases getting demotivated from learning CFD itself. This question is asked by many, so we have written a guide which gives a head-start to beginners about what to learn, what to focus on and most importantly from where to learn.

When one wants to start learning CFD without any prior knowledge about the subject, the biggest inertia is starting point. This inertia is expressed in many form of queries like "I am a Mechanical Engineering guy. How should I start learning CFD ?", "I am a mechanical engineering student with CAD software knowledge. How can I start learning CFD ?" etc. These are different forms of the same question “How do I start learning CFD ?”

This guide has a learning path designed for beginners who want to be CFD application engineer.

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