LearnCAx Courses : How it Works ?

All LearnCAx courses are FREE to everyone. You can select from wide range of courses based on your learning needs. You just need to create a FREE LearnCAx account to subscribe for any course.

Enrolling for the course is divided into four simple steps “Search | Preview | Signup | Start Course”. Every course has section of recommended background and learning that you would get from the course. These sections would help you decide if the course is suitable for you or not and if you still have a query, you could always interact with us on the course discussion forums.

Course notes and certificate are PREMIUM features of the course. Once you select the course, you can buy the notes and opt for course participation certificate. Although you can buy the notes and course certificate any time you want, to make your learning more effective, we recommend to buy them when you start the course.

Step 1 : Search The Course

All the course are divided into three main section based on difficulty level Beginner | Intermediate | Advance. Each level is then further classified into categories based on the subject to be discussed in the course.

Every course page has description about the content, recommended background and expected learning from the course.

Step 2: Preview The Course

Every course includes preview lectures. Few of them are complete video lectures and few of them are preview of the lecture. There previews are provided to you to know more about the course and to give you a live experience about the course.

View Courses

Step 3: Create LearnCAx account

LearnCAx account brings lot of benefits to you and you may want to have one to access the knowledge database. This account will give you access to all the courses, accesses to webinar archive and accesses to all technical documents that our faculty would be sharing with students. This also gives an opportunity to you to talk to you faculty and participate in discussion forums.

Creating an account with LearnCAx is simple process and it’s FREE for all.

Create Account

Step 4: Access The Course

All our courses are FREE and delivered using Learning Management System. Once you enroll for the course, the course will appear on your class dashboard accessed using “My Courses” section.

My Courses

Step 5 : Buy PREMIUM Course Features

The course notes and participation certificate is a premium future of the course. You can buy them directly for the course page.

Ask for Help !!

Any learning needs a support and guidance from experts and senior learners. To make the learning process more effective, we have create a discussion forum for each course. The discussion forum is answered by LearnCAx course tutor as well as senior students of the course.

If you have any query while attending the course, you can put those queries on respective course discussion forums.

Ask for Help

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