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CAD software tools have developed rapidly in the last decade. It all started with 2D drafting tools and now-a-days we have specialized software for generating mechanical drawings, 3D models, Assemblies, CNC programming, FEA & CFD Simulation, and so on. In today’s world, People have shifted towards virtual prototyping. In this complete virtual manufacturing world it all begins with the Solid Model. Hence, one won’t feel strange if we say that not knowing a CAD software for a mechanical graduate is equivalent to a samurai without a sword. SolidWorks has emerged as a superior tool for solid modeling. With its user friendly interface and smooth work flow, it has become one of the most popular CAD tool commercially available.

The course focuses on making the participant understand the complete process for generating 3D models. It begins with understanding the GUI of SolidWorks and later focuses on each and every phase of 3D modeling in SolidWorks such as sketching, Part modeling, Surface modeling, etc.

Recommended background

Participants are not expected to have prior knowledge in CAD modeling software. This course being an introductory course in SolidWorks modeling starts from the very basics of 3D modeling. However, Participants having knowledge of Engineering drawing and its related Geometric dimensioning and Tolerance gives an added advantage to grasp the concepts taught in the course quite easily.

Your Learning

The course aims at introducing you to the CAD Modeling world. By the end of the course, you would be familiar with all the basic knowledge on how to generate your own CAD models. You will also be exposed to various capabilities of SolidWorks. The course will take you through the complete procedure that is required to create a complex 3D model. You will learn the use of simple primitives which are straight away available in SolidWorks and then the use of various operations smartly to get your final shape of the object.

This is the free version of the planned premium course which contains introductory video lessons and tutorials. The premium version of the SolidWorks course would contain many other components including the full series of videos covering all the modules of SolidWorks,   additional solved tutorials, practice tutorials, tests and project. It will give you an opportunity to prove yourself proficient in 3D modeling and also to get yourself certified by us.

Course Format

The course is delivered using videos lessons. Each of the video is a mixer of explanatory presentations and SolidWorks snippets. The length of video varies from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Each video lesson introduces you to one single module of SolidWorks. Considering the number of modules covered in all the video lessons and required SolidWorks practice that you need to do, it is expected to finish this course in 1 week.

Course Syllabus

The course is divided into five lessons. Each lesson has a specific objective and is designed to satisfy the needs of subsequent lesson. It is recommended that you do not move to the next lesson until all the concepts in the lesson are well understood.

Lesson 1: SolidWorks Introduction – Part I

This Lesson consists of the following topics

  • CAD Software Overview
  • Application of CAD
  • List of CAD Software
  • SolidWorks terminology
  • SolidWorks interface

The lesson gives you an overview of what a 3D modeling software consists of. Various applications of CAD software and a list of such commercial software are discussed. Later, terminologies related to SolidWorks are explained in detail and lastly, the lesson discusses about the various components of the SolidWorks GUI.

Lesson 2: SolidWorks Introduction – Part II

This lesson runs through a brief explanation of the following modules of SolidWorks 

  • Sketcher
  • Part Modeling
  • Surface Modeling

This lesson gives you a short descriptive idea of how to create a sketch, then how to use that sketch to create a 3D solid model (part modeling) or a 3D surface model.

The second half of the lesson is actually a video demonstration of a simple 3D solid model being created in SolidWorks.

Lesson 3: Overview of Sketcher

This lesson gives a brief explanation of all the operations available in SolidWorks sketcher. The lesson focuses on various major sketching features like how to start sketching work, creation of primitive 2D shapes (circle, rectangle, polygon, etc.), trimming the sketch, inserting fillets/chamfers, inserting text and many more advanced features. The last segment of the lesson will contain a tutorial on sketching. 

Lesson 4: Overview of Part Modeling

As we know, 3D solid modeling is the widely used tool from SolidWorks, we have developed this lesson with great care. Each and every operation of this module of SolidWorks is described in detail. The flow of the lesson is maintained at a gradual pace and in the correct order of use of the various operations as required by a 3D modeler.   

This lesson covers the following topics 

  • Various ways of creation of 3D objects viz. extrusion, revolve, sweep, loft, etc.
  • Advanced operations on created 3D objects viz. fillet, chamfer, draft, hole, etc.

Lesson 5: Overview of Surface Modeling

This lesson discusses about the various aspects of surface modeling techniques. Surface modeling is described as the creation of zero thickness surfaces in 3D modeling space. In such modeling, the focus is towards generating the required shape of the sheet as per the conceptual design. Surface modeling is heavily used in automotive sector for generating exterior shapes of cars, bikes, etc. The same applies to aerospace industry as well.

In this lesson you will learn how to create

  • Boundary surface
  • Planar surface
  • Surface extrudes
  • Revolved surfaces
  • Swept surfaces
  • Lofted surfaces

Also advanced operations like filleting, chamfering, offset, surface cut, etc.

1. I being a mechanical engineer don’t have any exposure to 3D modeling software. Can I take this course?

Yes, you can. In-fact we have designed the course with this assumption only. We do not expect you to have any prior exposure to 3D modeling world. The course is designed for beginners and is self-contained. We assume that you should have basic understanding of subjects like engineering drawing, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances which are covered in second year of engineering.

2. When I can start the course and how much time needed to complete the course?

The course is available all the time. You can watch the lessons infinite times. Time necessary to start the course is what you need to create a LearnCAx login :). Considering difficulty level, understanding capacity and necessary practice time, on average, we expect this course to be finished in a single week.

3. Who should attend this course?

Every mechanical engineer is expected to have knowledge of 3D modeling software. Those mechanical engineers who don’t have any exposure to any CAD software but would like to learn it in a very easy and exciting way should preferably be the audience to this course.

4. How difficult is this course?

The course is designed for beginners and we believe that it’s easy for everyone.

5. I have few queries related to work I am doing. Can I contact you? 

As the course is designed for beginners, so you might have specific questions. Feel free to ask those questions using the link “Ask a Question” given on course page.

6. Will I get SolidWorks software access along with this course?

No. Software access isn’t a part of this course.

7. What next learning you suggest once this course is completed?

We suggest you to keep practicing SolidWorks tools and its operation that has been taught in this course till our SolidWorks premium course is ready. Once it is launched, we strongly recommend you to join that course in order to continue your SolidWorks journey with us.