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  • aerodynamics8 aerodynamics8
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    Fundamental Beginner 4 Weeks
    Aerodynamics is study of dynamics of objects moving through air. Application of aerodynamics is all around us. Learn the key concepts of aerodynamics and its real life applications related to sports, building, aircraft, and cars. This course is designed considering very little or no background knowledge of the subject. In this short course you’ll develop good understanding of subject and start applying the knowledge on anything you are designing.
  • gambit8 gambit8
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    Meshing Beginner 4 Weeks
    Geometry And Mesh Building Intelligent Toolkit known as GAMBIT is one of the main preprocessing tool. GAMBIT preprocessor provides concise and powerful set of solid modeling-based geometry tools. GAMBIT offers state-of-the-art mesh generation technology in powerful, yet easy-to-use interface. Extensive automation dramatically reduces meshing time for many applications. This course provides you with all the geometry modeling knowledge of GAMBIT.
  • introduction_to_autodesk_simulation_cfd introduction_to_autodesk_simulation_cfd
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    CFD Beginner 2 Weeks
    Autodesk Simulation CFD software provides a comprehensive set of tools for fluid flow simulations and thermal simulations. The design study environment of this software can be used to compare performances of different designs. Simulation CFD software is one of the best software tools to get a head start in CFD. This course is designed for beginners in CFD field. Learn CFD with Autodesk Simulation CFD and start simulating your own design.
  • introduction_to_programming_using_scilab introduction_to_programming_using_scilab
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    Programing Beginner 2 Weeks
    Scilab is free and open source software for numerical computation. It provides a powerful computational environment for engineering and scientific applications. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Scilab and its application in scientific computing. This short course will teach you to write basic level programs on your own. This course is a ‘get-started with Scilab’ guide for beginners in programming.
  • introduction_to_solidworks introduction_to_solidworks
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    CAD Application Beginner 1 Weeks
    For every mechanical engineer, 3D modeling is considered to be a very important skill. These tools are used right from the conceptualization of a design till the final product is manufactured. Learn 3D modeling in an interactive way with the world leading tool – SolidWorks. The course introduces you to SolidWorks GUI and its various stages of 3D model generation. Assuming that participants are new to CAD Modeling, the learning curve is kept gradual.
  • t-grid_1 t-grid_1
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    Meshing Beginner 4 Weeks
    TGrid is unstructured grid generation program to create unstructured mesh for complex geometries. Unfortunately, the mesh generated by most of the meshing software contains poorly shaped or distorted elements. TGrid provides certain optimization-based smoothing techniques, by using which, the quality of the mesh can be improved. This course provides you with basic concepts and all operational knowledge of TGrid.

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