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  • cfd-modeling-using-ansys-icem-cfd-and-ansys-cfx-1 cfd-bg-pr-006-cfd-modeling-using-ansys-icem-cfd-ansys-cfx9
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    CFD Beginner 8 Weeks
    CFD is used in industries like power generation, aerospace, process industries, automotive, and chemical engineering to enhance product performance. For students or professionals who aspire to work in such industry or allied research, CFD is a tool which will provide them a powerful analysis capability. This course is designed to teach you all the skills to conduct CFD analysis using the CFD software ANSYS CFX and ICEM CFD.
  • cfd-simulation-with-ansys-cfx cfd-bg-pr-003-cfd-simulation-with-ansys-cfx4
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    CFD Beginner 4 Weeks
    A perfect blend of theoretical foundation and software exposure. This course explicitly focuses on solver technology and post-processing part of typical CFD process using simulation tool ANSYS CFX. A course of its kind which includes video lessons, software demos, video tutorials, tests for regular assessment, project work & many more. This course will help you to understand fluid dynamics involved into real world scenarios.

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