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  • introduction_to_gd&t_01 introduction_to_gd&t_01
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    CAD Application Beginner 4 Weeks
    A course which gives in basic knowledge of Dimensioning systems and Tolerance formats. The course is divided into 3 parts; First, basics of engineering drawings covering all the projections and dimensions standards. Second, the understanding of tolerance types, and their correct representations. Third, understanding of surface finish, limits & fits, and welding parameters and proper know-how to generate apt design sheets.
  • introduction_to_solidworks introduction_to_solidworks
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    CAD Application Beginner 1 Weeks
    For every mechanical engineer, 3D modeling is considered to be a very important skill. These tools are used right from the conceptualization of a design till the final product is manufactured. Learn 3D modeling in an interactive way with the world leading tool – SolidWorks. The course introduces you to SolidWorks GUI and its various stages of 3D model generation. Assuming that participants are new to CAD Modeling, the learning curve is kept gradual.

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