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About LearnCAx


LearnCAx is an education platform dedicated for CAx education. Started with the vision of Inspire, Educate & Mentor engineers globally, LearnCAx envision a future where everyone has accesses to high end CAx technology education. To fulfil this vision, on 23rd April 2015, LearnCAx joined MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and made all its learning FREE. With software courses, blogs, webinars and industrial projects, LearnCAx is a preferred destination for all CFD learners.

LearnCAx is an education brand of Center for Computational Technologies, a company established in 2006 by alumni of IIT Bombay. Read More...

LearnCAx offers unique learning solution including:

Knowledge Hub of blogs, webinars and software tutorial developed by industry experts


Courses on fundamentals, CFD software and specific physics for beginners and advance CFD users


Discussion Forums connecting CFD learners and industry experts resolving learning and project queries




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Why LearnCAx ?

LearnCAx is an unique platform with large CFD knowledge base. All LearnCAx visitors are serious CFD learners and future professional users of CFD software.

In the competitive CFD market space, LearnCAx is an opportunity for CFD software providers to showcase software capabilities, features and create future users of their software.

Build software brand among CFD community


Showcase unique software features


Increase company's recognition among a target group


Access filtered list of CFD users


Unique banners positions with excellent visibility


Opportunity to host course on LearnCAx platform


Dedicated course and product discussion forum


Opportunity to get connected to all LearnCAx users



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Why to Host Course on LearnCAx ?

On average, any software course hosted on LearnCAx gets 300 CFD course subscribers per month from top universities and working professionals across the globe. That’s 3600 course subscribers a year, equivalent to 90 batches of 40 students in a year more than students trained by any university / institute in a year.

Hosting course on LearnCAx gives opportunity for CFD learners to work on the software. It gives an opportunity to software provider to create future customers for the software.

LearnCAx users do courses available on the platform. Making software course available on LearnCAx increases chances of CFD community using the software and hence increased chances of it’s industrial use.

Effective management of course through LMS


Access to course subscriber data


Dedicated course discussion forum


Visibility to all LearnCAx users


All the courses and knowledge base offered by LearnCAx is FREE for everyone. There is much to do and needs needs support from community. By sponsoring LearnCAx, you are supporting learning for all CFD users in-fact the customers using your own CFD software. LearnCAx provides an unique opportunity for you to showcase your products and reach to CFD users across the globe.

Write to us to know more about sponsorship categories, pricing and other associated benefits.

Contact for More Information

Vijay Mali
+91 20 4009 8381 / +91 98508 61178
@  info[at]learncax.com / vijay[at]cctech.co.in

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