Our Philosophy

About LearnCAx

LearnCAx is an education platform dedicated for CAx education. Started with the vision of Inspire | Educate | Mentor engineers globally, LearnCAx envision a future where everyone has accesses to high end CAx technology education. Education is not a “point function” but rather a “path function”, and everyone can enjoy this joinery if they are inspired enough to do so. At LearnCAx, we Inspire students and show them a right path to walk on, Educate them with quality education, and Mentor them throughout their journey. 

Our approach is to make student “learn how to learn and relearn”. Everything we offer, courses, projects, and knowledge base is mainly focused on real world problems where one could learn the concepts and tools required to innovate, design and optimize industrial products. 

At LearnCAx, we offer various platforms to get knowledge related to CAx domain where CA stands for “Computer Aided” and “x” stands for anything. CAx has been one of the complex domains to understand and the learning opportunities were available to a selected few. We aim to bring CAx technology education to all and everyone irrespective of any limiting factor. LearnCAx patterns with top CAx software development companies worldwide to bring leading edge CAx technology to students.

Today, LearnCAx offers various courses and a mentor program for students. With its reach at more than 100 countries and thousands of students registering every year, LearnCAx has become a best choice in CAx education.


Our story

LearnCAx is born out of Centre for Computational Technologiescommonly known as CCTech. CCTech started in 2006 and designed two pioneered courses on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computer Aided Design software development. These two unique courses trained more than 500 students and gave them an opportunity to work as CFD analysis and CAD development engineers in various organizations. 

In 2011, CCTech started an online education division LearnCAx, with main motive of reaching to everyone looking for CAx education. Now LearnCAx is a fastest growing company in CAx domain education with its reach at more than 100 countries and thousands of students registering every year.



 This is what we believe in and everyone at LearnCAx strives for :