LearnCAx Launches Project Mentor Program

23 July

LearnCAx mentor program is unique opportunity for students to shape their career through academic projects. LearnCAx mentor program connects Students, Mentors, and Industrial/University Projects together. Through this unique program, LearnCAx gives an opportunity for students to work on challenging projects offered by industry or assigned by their university.

The academic project is one of the most important aspects of student’s degree. It is so important that it always decides what’s going to be next for you. Let it be higher studies or industrial job, the whole career path is based on the project work. It is the point that creates engineer out of ordinary graduate/post-graduate. With fierce competition powered by a rapid change in the world economy, every graduate/post-graduate is fighting a tough career battle today in the job market. All students look for an initial breakthrough in their careers and each one of them requires a good educational qualification complemented with a good project work. Student’s academic project will inevitably be used as a gateway to industry and to discriminate you among your peers.

Most students in their graduation or post-graduation years wish to work on some challenging and real time projects, but are afraid to do so. They fear things like, what if they don't get proper guidance or the right mentor! Dealing with real time projects is a great way of exploring your real strengths and weaknesses as an engineer, but in many cases, the challenging projects are not taken by students due to non-availability of good mentor.

LearnCAx Mentor Program : Courses, Projects, Mentor & Certification

LearnCAx mentor program for academic projects is designed to guide students for their academic projects. This program helps students to get project guidance from industry experts. Through this program, LearnCAx offers number of industrial projects. Let it be a project selected from these industrial projects, or a project assigned by student’s institute (guide), LearnCAx provides all necessary learning and a guidance to execute the project. If you student to work on challenging project and lay a strong foundation stone for their career, this mentor program is designed for them!!

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